See How Many Parts Can Be Removed From A Tesla Without It Noticing

June 8, 2023

Modern cars will usually warn the driver if there’s a door open or if one of the passengers isn’t wearing a seatbelt. But that’s for the safety of those inside, even if sometimes it can be a bit annoying (wear your seatbelt, folks!).

However, if somebody were to get a salvage vehicle that will be transformed into something completely different, all the various sensors that monitor doors, seatbelts, airbags, and everything else might make the car undrivable after the things they’re monitoring aren’t there anymore.

Or will they?

YouTuber B is for Build tried to find out how many parts he can take off a Tesla Model 3 before it stops working. And as it turned out, there were quite a few things unbolted: doors, frunk, seats, seatbelts, bumpers, and a few other things, all in the name of making it as light as possible and, subsequently, as fast as possible.

With this being said, the car did throw some error messages on the central screen, but as you can see in the video embedded at the top of the page, it wasn’t really the end of the world.

Furthermore, as Chris Steinbacher – who runs the channel – mentions in the video, there are a couple of things that he can do to trick the car into thinking that nothing’s wrong and that it still has everything attached to it.

Back in January, the guys from the B is for Build YouTube channel published a video where they announced the purchase of four flood-damaged Teslas sight unseen, with Chris saying that he’ll use the EVs as a source of parts for other car projects.

In the video from the beginning of the year, he tried to start a pretty roughed-up Model S and sparks started flying everywhere. Now, he’s trying his hand at modifying the only Model 3 in the flood damaged lineup that was bought almost half a year ago.

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See How Many Parts Can Be Removed From A Tesla Without It Noticing