Tesla Cybertruck fleet spotted at Fremont Factory

August 28, 2023

Recent photos shared by electric vehicle enthusiasts online have revealed that a fleet of Tesla Cybertruck units has been delivered to the Fremont Factory. At the time the photos were taken, a total of nine Cybertrucks could be seen at the electric vehicle maker’s Fremont, California plant. 

The Cybertruck fleet was sighted by EV advocate group The Kilowatts, which has kept a close eye on Tesla’s developments in the area. As could be seen in the images, the vehicles were transported to the Fremont Factory using three car carrier trucks, with each one carrying three Cybertrucks each. 

Looks like Tesla Fremont just received a shipment of… 9 CYBERTRUCKS!!! pic.twitter.com/nhmAaFwv0m

— The Kilowatts 🚗⚡ (@klwtts) August 17, 2023

Similar to a vehicle that was spotted in Lonoke, AR, some of the Cybertrucks at the Fremont Factory were fitted with front wraps. The photos of the Cybertruck fleet were taken from a distance, so close details of the vehicle could not really be made out. From where the images were taken, however, it seemed like the Cybertrucks were production units, as they looked refined and ready for consumer deliveries. 

The reason for the Cybetruck fleet’s delivery to the Fremont Factory remains unknown for now, though speculations are high among Tesla enthusiasts that the vehicles may have been delivered to California because they will be used as display units at local showrooms. If these speculations prove right, it will bode well for the Cybertruck’s impending deliveries. 

When the Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled in late 2019, the electric vehicle maker estimated that the electric pickup truck could start deliveries around December 2020. This did not come to pass, and earlier this year, Tesla executives noted that the Cybertruck would finally see its initial deliveries sometime in 2023

Considering the wave of Cybertruck sightings in recent weeks, as well as the quality of the recently-spotted pickup trucks, it may indeed seem that deliveries of the all-electric pickup truck are coming. And when it does, the United States’ roads will likely be changed forever. 

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Tesla Cybertruck fleet spotted at Fremont Factory