Tesla licenses NACS to connector manufacturing giant Volex

September 3, 2023

Tesla has licensed its North American Charging Standard (NACS) to connector manufacturing giant Volex.

Tesla’s NACS connector has already been adopted by several big-name automakers like Ford and GM, whose drivers will gain access to 12,000 North American Superchargers next Spring.

Tesla NACS and CCS available in new high-powered charging network across North America

Additionally, their vehicles will be fitted with the NACS port in 2025.

Other automakers, like Volvo, Rivian, Polestar, Aptera, Nissan, and others, have also committed to using the NACS connector, which is a direct competitor to the Combined Charging System (CCS).

Now, Tesla is licensing its NACS connector to Volex, which is a UK-based connector manufacturing company.

Nat Rothschild, Executive Chairman of Volex, said:

“As a selected supplier of the NACS coupler, this further validates that Volex continues to be the trusted manufacturing partner of Tesla’s charging system technology to the world’s leading EV manufacturing companies and suppliers who utilise the NACS EV Charging system.”

There are still several companies that are slow to commit to adopting the NACS from Tesla, including Hyundai and Toyota. Even charging companies like Blink and Electrify America have said they plan to adopt the NACS. The reasoning for the automakers’ lagged commitment is unknown.

NACS is also being made a standard by Charging Interface Initiative (CharIn). The organization said earlier this year that NACS “is not yet a standard” because “it does not provide an open charging ecosystem for industry to build upon.”

Tesla’s NACS connector gains support from CharIN, but admits it must go through due process

Some states are even hoping to make the NACS standard on all charging infrastructure.

Volex’s press release on the Tesla NACS coupler states the company is “stocked and ready to immediately supply automotive OEMs and charging infrastructure suppliers.”

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Tesla licenses NACS to connector manufacturing giant Volex