Videos Show Latest Tesla Cybertruck Prototype Looking Ready For Production

June 19, 2023

A Tesla Cybertruck prototype that looks to be more production-ready than ever was displayed at the company’s Gigafactory in Texas during the annual shareholder meeting.

Several people shot videos of the all-electric pickup and uploaded them on YouTube, showing what appears to be one of the more refined mules to date.

For starters, the patented black wheel covers made a rare appearance on the vehicle that was displayed in front of the facility, together with the semi-famous large single wiper also known as the gigawiper, triangular side mirrors, and what look like updated front and rear bumpers with integrated mud flaps.

All the lights seem to be in their final position like the orange side markers and main beams, which have been cleverly hidden between the nose of the vehicle and the front bumper.

During the shareholders' meeting, someone asked Elon Musk about the possibility of Tesla developing an RV, to which the CEO answered that they might do something in this direction at some point. Until then, however, the EV manufacturer worked to fit the bed area of the Cybertruck with many anchor points and other practical solutions for tying things down, and there’s a sneak peek at one of the tie-down points in one of the videos embedded in this article.

Moreover, the bed also seems to feature a sort of tie-down rail, similar to what Rivian is offering in the back of the R1T pickup.

The air suspension components are clearly visible from the side, confirming once again that Tesla’s pickup will ride on air struts, and the door handles – which have been relocated above the door panels, next to the side windows – are also visible.

Things aren’t perfect, though: the upper part of the tailgate is visibly misaligned and rear visibility doesn’t look to be that great. And while the tailgate thing can be fixed (this is a prototype, after all), the visibility problem will most probably be unresolved once the Cybertruck reaches mass production, as it seems to be caused by a short rear window, raked roof, and tall tailgate.

But, as always, we’d like to know what you think about it, so press play on the videos and then scroll down to the comments section to give us your thoughts.

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Videos Show Latest Tesla Cybertruck Prototype Looking Ready For Production