2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV Work Truck EPA-Rated At 450 Miles

June 12, 2023

General Motors has announced the EPA-estimated range rating for the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV Work Truck, and it's not even close for the electric pickup's closest competitor.

The fleet-oriented Chevrolet Silverado EV Work Truck has an EPA-estimated range of 450 miles on a full charge, over 100 miles more than America's current longest-range electric pickup, the 328-mile Rivian R1T in Quad Motor configuration with Large battery.

The Silverado EV WT will also have a 50-mile longer range than the upcoming Rivian R1T Dual-Motor AWD with Max Pack battery, which is expected to deliver 400 miles of range. Chevrolet says its engineering team long targeted at least 400 miles of range, but they were able to go above and beyond to achieve this increase.

Over the past several months, extensive development and testing unlocked the increased 450-miles range, which together with the ability to charge at 350 kW makes the Silverado EV WT look good compared to the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro's 320 miles of range (with the Extended Range battery) and 155 kW maximum DC fast charging rate.

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In addition to the increased maximum range rating, Chevrolet announced that the Silverado EV Work Truck will also offer a lower range variant offering a GM-estimated 350 miles on a full charge. 

The first to launch will be the 450-mile model in spring 2024, followed by the 350-mile variant "soon after launch." It's worth noting that even the base Silverado EV WT will offer significantly more range than its direct competitor, the 240-mile F-150 Lightning Pro with the Standard Range battery.

Chevrolet says the Silverado EV will enter production this fall with the RST First Edition for retail customers. When it first unveiled the Silverado EV in January 2022, GM said the RST First Edition would have an MSRP of $105,000 (plus destination and freight charges). 

It also said the Silverado EV Work Truck would start at $39,900 with the standard battery pack, but it's hard to believe GM will be able to maintain that price target seeing as the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro now starts at just under $60,000 (plus destination) – compared to approximately $41,000 at launch.

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2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV Work Truck EPA-Rated At 450 Miles