Another Tesla Model 3 Highland was seen driving uncovered in the U.S.

December 18, 2023

Ahead of Tesla’s launch of the refreshed Model 3 “Highland” in North America, the vehicle has been spotted in the U.S. only a few times, and mainly under a set of coverings. However, another uncovered version of the new Model 3 was recently seen in California, suggesting that the automaker could be inching toward announcing the vehicle in the U.S.

Tesla Owners Silicon Valley spotted an uncovered, refreshed Model 3 in Palo Alto, California on Wednesday, near the automaker’s engineering headquarters. The vehicle included Tesla’s Ultra Red paint color, and you can clearly see the sedan’s redesigned headlights in a short video the owner’s group shared on X.

Model 3 Highland seen in Palo Alto without covering

— Tesla Owners Silicon Valley (@teslaownersSV) November 8, 2023

The sighting appears to be at the intersection of Hillview Avenue, where Porter Drive turns into Hanover Street, which is about a mile and a half away from Tesla’s engineering headquarters. The Model 3 Highland can be seen in the left turn lane on Hanover as the driver prepares to turn left onto Hillview.

The most recent uncovered sighting of the Model 3 Highland took place last week on I-280, though another covered version of the sedan was spotted just this week sporting red brake calipers. Last month, an additional uncovered Model 3 Highland was seen being driven in Menlo Park.

Outside of the U.S., Tesla has already started delivering the Highland Model 3 to customers, most recently including Austria, the Netherlands, China and more. Huge batches of the Model 3 Highland have also been seen outside of Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai in recent months as the automaker has been shipping initial deliveries to several countries.

Along with its redesigned headlights and front bumper, the Model 3 refresh includes a simplified interior, ambient lighting, a blind spot indicator and a handful of other new features.

Tesla adds long overdue safety feature with new Model 3 Highland

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Another Tesla Model 3 Highland was seen driving uncovered in the U.S.