Looking for a new job? Try a solar career.

June 28, 2023

Take a look around your neighborhood and you’ll notice that more and more homes are installing rooftop solar. This renewable energy technology has emerged as one of the most affordable ways to avoid rising costs and ensure savings for years to come. Homeowners who go solar have the opportunity to reduce their electricity bills significantly, often to just $20 a month, which is the required grid connection fee. Compare this to the average monthly electricity bill on Long Island, and it’s not hard to see why solar is such a popular money-saving option. 

Solar panels were previously seen as an expensive technology reserved only for wealthy homeowners, but times have changed. The increased affordability of solar, coupled with rising energy prices, has made it a popular option for homeowners. Rising demand and ambitious state goals have aligned to make New York a thriving incubator for solar careers.

Solar job creation in New York

While New York already is the #3 state for solar jobs, last year NYS released their Scoping Plan, which details how the state plans to meet their climate goals by reducing harmful carbon emissions. In addition to reducing air pollution, the plan aims to create over 211,000 jobs in the renewable energy sector by 2030, and 318,000 by 2040. Solar companies are already beginning to increase their hiring efforts to meet demands. NYS is also providing a $249,000 grant to fund United Way of Long Island’s Power Up! Wind, Solar & Renewables program, which will help train Long Island students and develop a diverse, renewable energy workforce. 

Top 5 reasons to consider a career in solar

Solar is a booming industry on Long Island and in New York City. Over 70,000 homeowners across Nassau and Suffolk county have installed solar, and we expect that number to continue to rise as the price of utility increases and the cost of going solar decreases. This has caused the renewable energy sector to grow exponentially across the island, creating hundreds of jobs for New Yorkers of all experience levels.

The solar industry provides a unique experience and many benefits for career-seekers. Here are the top five reasons to consider a solar career.

1.  You can help people save money

When homeowners add solar panels to their homes, they are able to reduce their electric bills each month. As a solar professional, you are able to empower families to offset traditional energy spending through solar energy. Since 2003, EmPower Solar has been able to help clients save over 20 million dollars in energy spending alone. With traditional energy prices on the rise, having the opportunity to help homeowners save money and invest in their future can be incredibly rewarding.

2.  You are able to work with cutting-edge technology

Solar panels have come a long way, especially in recent years. Panels now are more efficient than ever before, and with total home electrification, homeowners can use advanced energy technology to make their home more green. After installing solar, clients can pair their system with a backup battery to ensure that they maintain power during blackouts. They can also use solar energy to charge their electric vehicle, and heat and cool their home with an electric heat pump. By combining these technologies, homeowners can electricity their homes and invest in the most advanced technologies available.

3.  You can grow your skills

Renewable energy is an ever-changing industry. As the technology involved continues to advance, so must your skills. Working in solar provides you with the unique opportunity to continue to learn not only about the policy side of renewable energy, but about the technology and the skills involved too.

4.  There are opportunities for career advancement

When you enter the renewable energy workforce, you will find that there are numerous opportunities for career advancement. Solar careers are constantly evolving, and you may begin your professional journey in one position, and move into many other roles as your experience grows. For anybody looking to experience different sides of one industry, solar can offer you that and more.

5. You get to help save the world

This might sound like an exaggeration, but it really is true. Each homeowner that goes solar is able to offset their carbon footprint. To date, EmPower Solar has distributed 50 megawatts of clean, renewable energy across LI and NYC. Being able to make a difference in your local community is one of the top reasons for a solar career, you get to make a difference everyday!

Start your solar career

Right now, EmPower Solar is hiring for a number of positions, some of which include:

EmPower Solar is proud to offer a number of competitive benefits, including 13 vacation days + 10 paid holidays, 401k plan + 4% gross match, comprehensive health, dental and vision plans, and opportunities for professional development. Other perks include team-building activities, like beach volleyball, happy hours, and the occasional office dog. A full list of positions can be found on the EmPower Solar website.

Your next steps

Help build a more resilient future, start your solar career, and join the EmPower Solar team. Apply online or email us at opportunity@empower-solar.com today for more hiring information.

Interested in going solar? Schedule a free consultation and discover the potential savings you could see with solar.

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Looking for a new job? Try a solar career.