Porsche Taycan Global Sales Decreased In Q2 2023 To 8,839 Units

August 13, 2023

Porsche reports that its global car sales "significantly" increased. During the second quarter of 2023, deliveries amounted to 86,587 units (up 11.8 percent year-over-year), while in the first half of the year, the company sold 167,354 cars (up 14.7 percent).

The German manufacturer says that it is pleased with the result, because sales increased in every sales region.

However, the year-over-year increase concerns all models, besides the all-electric Porsche Taycan, which is down for the fifth consecutive quarter.

In Q1 2023, Porsche Taycan sales (all versions: Taycan, Taycan Cross Turismo, and Taycan GTS) amounted to 8,839, which is six percent less than a year ago.

The Porsche Taycan share out of the brand's total volume amounted to 10.2 percent (compared to nearly 12.1 percent a year ago).

We know that the company has previously explained that the Taycan is affected by supply chain issues. Maybe things will start to improve in Q3?

Porsche BEV sales - Q2 2023:

Porsche Taycan Sales in Q2 2023

So far this year, Porsche Taycan global sales amounted to 17,991 (down almost five percent year-over-year), which is 10.8 percent of the total volume.

Porsche sales by model - Q1-Q2 2023:

For reference, in 2022, Porsche delivered 34,801 all-electric cars (down 16 percent year-over-year), which was 11.2% of the total volume.

Cumulatively, Porsche sold more than 114,000 Taycans globally. The current rate, assuming some improvements throughout the year, suggests that 35,000-40,000 units might be possible in 2023.

Porsche does not report the number of plug-in hybrid sales (Cayenne and Panamera), but we guess they would also have a noticeable share out of the total volume (potentially several percent of the total volume).

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Porsche Taycan Global Sales Decreased In Q2 2023 To 8,839 Units