Refreshed Tesla Model 3 Project Highland Spotted On The Highway

August 11, 2023

With all the buzz surrounding the Cybertruck these days, it's easy to forget that Tesla has another important launch in the pipeline.

We're talking about the Model 3 refresh, aka Project Highland, which was recently spotted driving on a highway by Reddit user gio6a who was driving home from work and spotted the Tesla prototype passing by. The video is just 17-seconds long but it provides a good look at the test prototype's front and rear ends, even though they are covered in black camouflage.

Tesla continues to cover the front and rear ends, which suggests the Project Highland is bringing significant updates in these areas. 

According to previous reports and sightings, the facelifted Tesla Model 3 will get a redesigned front end with new headlights and bumper, as well as a refreshed rear end with revised taillights and a diffuser. Speaking of the taillights, this video also shows that the amber vertical turn signals at work – the current Model 3 has a horizontal LED indicator.

Test prototypes spotted testing in May in California also appeared to have updated cameras for the Hardware 4 Autopilot computer.

The so-called Project Highland will reportedly be easier to build thanks to fewer parts needed during assembly, which is largely due to the use of giga castings. This should cut costs significantly, but it remains to be seen whether or not Tesla will decide to lower prices as a result.

The Tesla Model 3 refresh is also expected to include novelties like steer-by-wire, redesigned multicolor ambient lighting inside, improved sound system, and seats that offer improved ride comfort.

Furthermore, the wood trim from the cabin will reportedly be replaced it with a fabric finish, possibly the same Alcantara found in the Model S and Model X. The dashboard is also expected to gain some updates.

Mind you, in the absence of official confirmation, pretty much everything that has been written about the Model 3 refresh up until this point remains speculation.

Back in May, Tesla teased the silhouette of a new car during the annual shareholders' meeting, and it looked quite similar to the Model 3. CEO Elon Musk said it was not yet the time to unveil it, promising a "proper, dedicated product launch" for it.

It's anyone's guess when that will come, but previous reports said Tesla would start production of the refreshed Model 3 in the third quarter of 2023. 

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Refreshed Tesla Model 3 Project Highland Spotted On The Highway