Saving Money Each Summer (Even With the AC Blasting): Frank’s Solar Story

September 10, 2023

As any Long Islander will tell you, the summers here are beautiful like no other, but they are also unbearably hot. The only relief comes from running air conditioners, causing electricity bills to spike. 

For Floral Park resident Frank Nardi, having the AC blasting all summer is of no concern. “I tell my wife to knock yourself out with the air conditioning,” he says. Almost seven years ago, Frank installed fifteen solar panels on the roof of his home. The panels have almost completely eliminated Frank’s electric bill, even during hot summer months. 

Home Solar Savings

“I don’t really have electric bills. I haven’t had one since day one,” says Frank, noting that his monthly PSEG bill is only $13, which is a requisite service charge for remaining connected to the grid. Since the cost of solar is fixed, once Frank had his system installed and paid for it, he was guaranteed to avoid all future energy price increases.

Finding a Reputable Solar Contractor

While some people start by searching solar installers in the area, Frank instead researched which solar panels were the most efficient. He found that SunPower had the highest quality panels with the most extensive warranty on the market. EmPower Solar exclusively installs SunPower panels because of their longevity and high performance.

Frank describes his interest in solar as a hobby. When other people questioned why he would make this investment, he pointed out that while many of his friends were getting motorcycles during their midlife crisis, he was getting solar panels instead. 

Five-Star Workmanship + Warranty

During his installation process, Frank recalls following the installers around and asking “a million questions.” He says, “They were all knowledgeable and explained very clearly.” Understanding the benefits of solar and how it works is an important part of owning a system, which is why it’s critical to do your research when upgrading to solar energy.

Once installed, homeowners can monitor their system’s production through SunPower’s app, getting down to the nitty-gritty with optional panel-level monitoring. One day, Frank noticed that one panel wasn’t working properly and contacted EmPower. “They sent someone out and within the week I had a new one,” Frank says, noting that everything was covered under SunPower’s industry-leading warranty and didn’t cost him anything. 

Tesla Home Battery Backup

In the spring of 2022, Frank decided to increase his energy resiliency and install a Tesla Powerwall, which he calls “a game changer.” Frank says he values the security the battery backup provides, and knowing his home will have electricity, even in the event of a power outage. 

“I always have electricity as long as the sun comes up,” Frank says, “even on cloudy days, the sun always rises.”

Start Your Solar Journey Today

Homeowners looking to cut costs amid inflation and rising energy prices can use solar power to save upwards of $100,000 over their system’s lifetime.

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Saving Money Each Summer (Even With the AC Blasting): Frank’s Solar Story