Tesla dips its toe into advertising with new video

June 10, 2023

Tesla has published what some are calling that brand’s first advertisement, showing the potential the company’s marketing strategy already has.

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced at the Shareholder Meeting earlier this week that the automaker would finally be entering the world of advertising, many were shocked by the apparent 180-degree change in policy. Prior to the announcement, Tesla had made a name for itself in the automotive world, particularly for its lack of advertising. Now, the company’s Asia division has published what some are calling the brand’s first advertisement.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Tesla’s first ad was published on Twitter by its Tesla Asia account, in which a Tesla customer outlines her buying experience and what drew her to the brand in the first place.

Drive to believe——why she chose Tesla? ❤ pic.twitter.com/LXtGl15QUy

— Tesla Asia (@Tesla_Asia) May 19, 2023

The style of customer testimonial is certainly pedestrian compared to the company’s previous marketing stunts, most notably including its famed referral system, which at one point allowed customers to win drag race experiences and opportunities to drive the Boring Company tunneling machine. However, despite the change in style, the response to the video seems positive, especially as it highlighted Tesla’s industry-leading safety, which is often overlooked.

This video is very powerful.

This is what Tesla’s ad experiments should be: Just user testimonials. Just have the people who love these products explain why in their own words. pic.twitter.com/faen4rwuyW

— Whole Mars Catalog (@WholeMarsBlog) May 19, 2023

Thanks to the highly region-specific marketing styles found around the world, it is unlikely that marketing material designed for the Asian market will be similar to that which is deployed in Tesla’s other major markets, North America and Europe. Nonetheless, the automaker’s willingness to engage in marketing practices is a strong indicator of more material coming.

It remains unclear how future Tesla ads will look, where they will be published, or even when they will be made available. Still, with a healthy group of investors applauding the decision to engage in marketing, there is no doubt that more ad material is just around the corner.

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Tesla dips its toe into advertising with new video