Tesla FSD Beta 11.4.4 starts rolling out to testers

July 23, 2023

Tesla appears to have started the rollout of FSD Beta V11.4.4. The release notes of the newly-released FSD Beta update have been shared online. 

Last week, reports from members of Tesla’s FSD Beta tester fleet suggested that the electric vehicle maker was ramping the release of V11.4.3. Amidst reports from users of the advanced driver-assist system, CEO Elon Musk noted that FSD Beta V11.4.4 would be rolling out at the end of the week

While FSD Beta V11.4.4 seems to be a point release from V11.4.3, the update came with different release notes. A number of interesting behaviors were highlighted in the V11.4.4 release notes, such as improvements in short-deadline lane changes, as well as improved handling of oncoming cars on narrow unmarked roads.

FSD Beta 11.4.4 starting to roll out! With new release notes! #FSDBeta

11.4.3 has been awesome for me, excited to try this out. https://t.co/N0zrLeOIh5

— Dirty Tesla (@DirtyTesLa) June 19, 2023

Following are the release notes of Tesla’s FSD Beta V11.4.4 update, as shared in Tesla-Info.

  • Improved short-deadline lane changes, to avoid going off-route, through better modeling of target lane vehicles to improve gap selection assertiveness.
  • Improved offset consistency when controlling for static obstacles. Also improved smoothness when changing offset direction by adjusting speed more comfortably.
  • Improved handling of oncoming cars on narrow unmarked roads by improving prediction of oncoming car’s trajectory and leaving enough room for them to pass before re-centering.
  • Improved Occupancy Flow prediction from the Occupancy Network for arbitrary moving obstacles by 8%.
  • Expanded usage of the new object ground truth autolabeler for the NonVRU detection model, improving distant vehicle recall and geometry precision for semi-trucks, trailers, and exotic vehicles.
  • Improved VRU control by expanding planning scope to control gently for low-confidence detections that may interfere with ego’s path.
  • Improved handling for VRUs near crosswalks by predicting their future intent more accurately. This was done by leveraging more kinematic data to improve association between crosswalks and VRUs.
  • Improved ego’s behavior near VRUs by tuning their assumed kinematic properties and utilizing available semantic information to classify more accurately their probability of intersecting ego’s path.
  • Improved Automatic Emergency Braking recall in response to cut-in vehicles and vehicles behind ego while reversing.

The progress of Tesla’s FSD Beta fleet has been substantial. Since launching in October 2020, the company’s testers have accumulated over 150 million miles of real-world driving as of the release of Tesla’s Q1 2023 Update Letter. With an ever-growing tester fleet, the cumulative miles of the FSD Beta program would likely see an even more substantial rise in the coming months.  

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Tesla FSD Beta 11.4.4 starts rolling out to testers