Tesla just made Wiper Controls easier than ever

August 2, 2023

Tesla’s Wiper Controls just got easier for owners in the newest software update, as the company has added the ability to control the arms from the steering wheel, making them more accessible.

Wiper Controls are usually located on the stalk of most vehicles, but Tesla has decided to reintroduce them to the steering wheel with the new 2023.20 Software Update. After omitting the feature from 2023.12 in the Model 3 and Model Y with Steering Wheel Customization, it appears Tesla has made the decision to add them with this new update.

While the 2023.12 update allowed owners to control wiper speed with the scroll wheel left and right, the wipers still had to be activated with a push of the stalk, Not A Tesla App notes.

The new update will allow owners to activate the wipers, control their speed, or turn them to the ‘Auto’ setting, all with a simple push of the scroll wheel. No need to push the left stalk button any longer.

Steering controls can be customized through the Controls menu, then navigating to Display on the center touchscreen.

Tesla Smart Auto Wipers

Tesla also has plans to release Smart Auto Wipers in the near future, and this was detailed in a Tweet from CEO Elon Musk roughly three weeks ago on June 21.

Musk stated that “Smart Auto Wiper” software would release in “about 3 weeks,” and while it has not yet been brought out for the public to use as of yet, it should be coming soon. As it has been frequently noted in the past, some of Musk’s timeframes are slightly aggressive.

Tesla’s Elon Musk posts quick update on Smart Auto Wiper, “Actually Smart Summon” rollout

Smart Wipers were useful but were more of a luxury than anything, as they automatically activated and wiped away precipitation as it appeared on the windshield.

However, there were many issues with them, as owners reported they would turn on without any rain falling from the sky. Tesla’s improvements are sure to eliminate this malfunction as new versions of the feature are set to be released soon.

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Tesla just made Wiper Controls easier than ever