Tesla keeps Cyberquad ATV dreams alive

May 30, 2023

Tesla is keeping dreams of the Cyberquad ATV alive as the automaker filed a new trademark for the name last week.

In 2019 at the Cybertruck unveiling event, Tesla also showed off a new ATV design that was inspired by the all-electric pickup.

The Cyberquad would be an all-electric ATV that would feature the same look and style as the Cybertruck, and would be an ideal sidekick to the pickup for those who planned to use the vehicle for off-road applications.

Tesla’s electric ATV to come as option for Cybertruck pickup, says Elon Musk

It would be sold alongside the Cybertruck, and Tesla fans were more than encouraged that the ATV would be a hit. However, details regarding the Cyberquad, its development, and whether Tesla would even move forward with the project have been few and far between.

However, it seems Tesla is still planning to develop the Cyberquad, according to a trademark filing discovered by Electrek.

Tesla filed a trademark for the term “Cyberquad,” but trademarks expire and companies are required to resubmit applications to hold the usage rights, which is what the automaker was forced to do as it didn’t ever develop or sell the vehicle.

Last week, Tesla reapplied to hold the sole ability to use the term, which basically keeps hopes for those who want the all-electric Cyberquad alive.

Interestingly, the Cyberquad could be looked at as a motorcycle in some rights. CEO Elon Musk has always been adamant that Tesla will not build a motorcycle due to a terrible accident he suffered many years ago, which almost took his life.

However, it appears the Cyberquad is not off-limits. While Tesla has remained tight-lipped regarding the development of the ATV, like it has with many details of the Cybertruck, this is an encouraging development for those who are hellbent on getting the Cyberquad in their garages.

A kid-friendly version was released by Tesla in collaboration with Radio Flyer, but it was the subject of a recall that would eliminate all units due to its lack of an ATV action plan.

Tesla Cyberquad for Kids recall clarified by U.S. agency

After all, it is the perfect complement to the Cybertruck, which is slated to begin production later this year and could be delivered to customers as soon as Q3.

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Tesla keeps Cyberquad ATV dreams alive