Tesla Model 3 Highland trunk and frunk specs revealed

October 4, 2023

The Tesla Model 3 Highland has been making headlines in the past several weeks, as many have been able to take their first looks at the refreshed vehicle. Ahead of initial deliveries, some specifications for the refreshed Model 3 have surfaced — most recently including measurements for the frunk and trunk.

X user @DerCaspar shared photos of the Model 3 Highland on display at the Mall of Berlin on Friday, along with measurements for the newly redesigned vehicle’s frunk and trunk. Additionally, Caspar shared details about the sub-trunk, the small space beneath the floor of the trunk.

Check out the trunk, sub-trunk and frunk measurements below, according to Caspar:

Tesla Model 3 Highland trunk

– back row up 107 cm (~42.1 inches)

– back row down till seat 187 cm (~73.6 inches)

– back row down till seat moved 210 cm (~82.7 inches)

– back row down till front screen  270 cm (~106.3 inches)

– width between wheel covers 94 cm (~37 inches)

– width between back row hand bars 129.5 cm (~51 inches)

– height trunk opening 46 cm (~18.1 inches)

Tesla Model 3 Highland sub-trunk

– hight till sub-trunk cover 29 cm (~11.4 inches)

– narrowest width 63 cm (~24.8 inches)

– narrowest depth 32 cm (~12.6 inches)

Tesla Model 3 Highland frunk

– frunk height 23 cm (~9.1 inches)

– frunk width 72 cm (~28.3 inches)

– frunk depth 35 cm (~13.8 inches)

You can see Caspar’s full thread on X below, where he details his initial impressions of the Model 3 Highland.

Tesla Model 3 Highland

I am seeing it first hand for the first time and will post measurements during the next hour as go through the car – it looks and feels awesome 🤩

Come along pic.twitter.com/d1lXQT1T3v

— Caspar – creating a positive future ✨ (@DerCaspar) September 15, 2023

Other features in the Tesla Model 3 Highland

In addition to providing measurements for the trunk, sub-trunk and frunk spaces, Caspar later noted a few of his favorite features in the Model 3 Highland. These included the infotainment screen in the back row, the updated headlights and general Model S-like exterior appearance, and the car’s upgraded sound dampening.

He also notes the ability to control climate and seat heating separately for the right and left rear passengers and the customizable ambient lighting strip across the front interior of the car as impressive updates. Later in the thread, a few users also pointed out that the rear fog lights flash when the trunk is opened, which is another new feature for the refreshed Model 3. When asked if he was able to try the new ventilated seats, Caspar said he hasn’t, though he plans to.

In recent weeks, users have also pointed out the Model 3 Highland’s new features, such as Auto-Shift out of Park, updated airbag placement, a blindspot indicator and several other upgrades. Earlier this week, the Model 3 Highland’s size was also revealed after the vehicle was officially registered with the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Tesla Model 3 Highland gets stellar first reviews

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Tesla Model 3 Highland trunk and frunk specs revealed