Tesla partner IDRA shows rumored Cybertruck Giga Press

October 16, 2023

“Update: The fifth paragraph was edited to note that the tonnage refers to clamping force, not weight.”

A photo shared on Monday is widely speculated to show the casting machine Tesla will use to build the Cybertruck, though the claim’s validity is still in question.

Italian casting machine manufacturer IDRA shared photos from the Semi-Solid Conference on LinkedIn on Monday, including one thought to have the 9,000-ton Cybertruck Giga Press in the background. While the image undeniably includes a massive aluminum casting machine, some say that it isn’t the one that’s destined for Tesla.

Credit: IDRA

Event speaker Fabian Niklas, who is the CEO of Swiss company Casting-Campus GmbH, later commented on the post saying that the pictured press wasn’t going to Tesla. However, Niklas did not disclose what company the casting machine was destined for, despite being asked by another user.

In any case, the photo offers a peek into the incredible scale of IDRA’s Giga Presses, as the casting machine spans a huge width compared to the event group standing in front of it. The news comes after some parts of an IDRA casting machine were seen in assembly at Gigafactory Texas earlier this year, thought to be one of the Cybertruck-producing Giga Presses.

In March, we also reported that Tesla was readying to receive another Giga Press shipment after the sighting of the first machine. Tesla also uses Giga Press machines to produce its Model Y and Model 3, though these machines are rated for less clamping force than the Cybertruck Giga Press.

In May, IDRA posted a photo of an entirely different machine dedicated to producing electric motor rotors, and some pointed out that it appeared to be painted in Tesla-themed colors.

The diecasting method has been widely praised for its reduction of components compared to traditional auto manufacturing practices, instead opting for larger, individual casts that make up the car body. Among those praising the Giga Presses is manufacturing expert Sandy Munro, who has been outspoken about the benefits of Tesla’s casting methods for the past few years.

Below, you can watch Munro talk about the 9,000-ton Giga Press on a tour of the IDRA factory last year.

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Tesla partner IDRA shows rumored Cybertruck Giga Press