Tesla Semi spotted transporting the Cybertruck for the first time

August 25, 2023

When the Tesla Semi was unveiled way back in late 2017, CEO Elon Musk noted that the all-electric Class 8 truck would be used by the EV maker for its own operations. Over the years, Tesla Semi prototypes have been sighted carrying all sorts of cargo, from concrete weights to actual Tesla vehicles that are being delivered to consumers. 

A recent sighting of a Tesla Semi, however, is a bit more special. As shared on social media platforms such as TikTok and X, formerly Twitter, a Tesla Semi has been spotted transporting a Tesla Cybertruck on a trailer. Another Tesla Semi was also nearby, though it seemed like it was not pulling a trailer at all. 

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Several interesting things stood out from the recent Tesla Semi and Cybertruck sighting. The Cybertruck’s size in particular was noticeable, as it consumed a notable portion of the Semi’s trailer. The Cybertruck also had a number of missing trim pieces, from its wheel wells to its rear light bar. Apparent scuffs on the all-electric pickup truck suggested that the Cybertruck was put through some hard testing as well. 

The deliveries of the Cybertruck are coming, and Tesla is putting in the effort to make sure that the all-electric pickup truck is as ready for real-world use as possible. This is one of the reasons why the Cybertruck is currently undergoing winter testing in New Zealand, and this is perhaps the reason why several units of the all-electric pickup truck that were spotted in the US recently looked like they were tested in muddy areas

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The Cybertruck is expected to not feature a single Tesla logo on its exterior, but it is so unique that its presence on public roads alone is already an advertisement for the electric vehicle maker. This was something that was described by Wall Street veteran and The Future Fund Managing Partner Gary Black, who noted that the Cybertruck would likely be a rolling billboard of sorts that points consumers to the Tesla brand. 

“It’s gonna start rolling across America like a rolling billboard, and people are gonna see it, and they will be like, “Wow, that’s real interesting,” and they’re gonna go to the website, and they’re gonna order a Model 3 or Model Y or Model S or Model X or a Cybertruck. And you’re gonna produce this whole halo effect, which is exactly what happened back in ’20 when the Model Y first came out,” Black said. 

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Tesla Semi spotted transporting the Cybertruck for the first time