Tesla Supercharging Network: 2,000 Stations In North America, 1,000 In Europe

July 8, 2023

In recent days, the Tesla Supercharging network expanded to over 1,000 stations in Europe, while in North America, the number reached 2,000 this month.

We are not sure what the current number is for China, but it was over 1,500 at the end of 2022 (10,000 individual stalls), and sooner rather than later should also reach 2,000 stations.

Globally, Tesla already has more than 5,000 fast charging stations, and considering over 45,000 individual stalls as of April 9 and in the next few months we should hear about another major milestone of 50,000 stalls - potentially in early Q3 2023.

According to the manufacturer, the North American part of the Supercharging network, which is compatible with the NACS charging connector, is dispensing enough energy monthly for up to 500 million miles of driving.

We are then talking about a level of 120-160 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of energy per month, depending on the average energy usage and whether we include charging losses or not.

Because Ford and General Motors announced the switch to Tesla's North American Charging Standard (NACS) charging connector in North America (in 2025), as well as NACS adapters for CCS1-compatible cars to get access to the Tesla Supercharging network (in 2024), we might see a significant boost in new installations next year.

Separately, Tesla is opening the Supercharging network to other vehicles (CCS1-compatible) through its Magic Dock, a built-in CCS1 adapter. In Europe, things are simpler because Tesla uses CCS2-compatible charging connector so there is no necessity for adapters when opening the network.

All those things are expected to gradually attract more non-Tesla EV users to the network, increase its usage and prompt the installation of more and more stations.

The number of Tesla Supercharging stations (globally):

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Tesla Supercharging Network: 2,000 Stations In North America, 1,000 In Europe