See Tesla Put Its EVs To The Test In Freezing Weather

September 10, 2023

A new promotional video posted on Tesla’s official YouTube channel shows how the American EV brand is testing its models in the freezing cold to make sure they can withstand low temperatures, ice accumulation, and fast winds.

In the video embedded above, a Model Y and a Model X are put through their paces in the icy regions of Norway, just a couple of miles away from the Arctic Circle, where the company’s European field quality engineers seem to make do with few instruments. For example, the Model Y in the video was at one point fitted with a makeshift sensor that measures the temperature, humidity, and pressure inside the taillight, to see what this particular component goes through and to find out how it could be improved if potential issues are discovered.

Inspections are also performed inside a workshop, but as one of the engineers puts it, they try to move as quickly as possible in this heated environment to prevent the ice from melting. One thing that’s checked in this portion of the video is the windshield wiper fluid hoses, presumably to see if they cracked from the cold.

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Temperatures can go as low as -16.6 degrees Fahrenheit in this part of the world, so making sure EVs can hold up here means they can make it through a mild winter anywhere in the world.

“The typical day here is a very harsh environment for the cars because you have a lot of temperature differences, as well as elevation changes,” said Andreas, one of the field quality engineers in the video. “So, you can really stress the car in this area, simulating a complete winter in a couple of weeks.”

This isn’t the first time Tesla has published a video showing how it tests cars in extreme weather conditions. Back in May, the company’s YouTube channel showcased how the entire lineup of current models went through durability testing in the scalding hot temperatures of Dubai, where thermometers often reach 122 degrees.

Furthermore, the upcoming Cybertruck has been spotted several times undergoing winter testing at the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds in New Zealand before its market debut in the third quarter.

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See Tesla Put Its EVs To The Test In Freezing Weather