Sight Of The Day: Tesla Semi Hauling Tesla Cybertruck

September 9, 2023

Today we came across an interesting sight of a Tesla Semi transporting a Tesla Cybertruck on a highway somewhere in the United States.

The video was shared on Twitter by S.E. Robinson, Jr. (@SERobinsonJr), although its origin is TikTok u/itsnatalierosee.

What we see is most likely a pre-production Tesla Cybertruck, one of the vehicles used for tests ahead of the upcoming production start. Let's recall that limited production should begin later this year at the Tesla Giga Texas plant, while the current status (according to the company's Q2 financial report, is "Tooling").

The Tesla Semi, on the other hand, is already in the "Pilot production" stage in Nevada. We assume that this particular vehicle is in Tesla's internal fleet (we know that at least a double-digit of vehicles was delivered to the first customers - Pepsi has 21).

An additional "bonus" video indicates that there was another Tesla Semi driving behind the first one, but without any trailer.

Well, that's the first time we've seen the all-electric Tesla Semi Class 8 truck used for hauling the all-electric Tesla Cybertruck pickup. Tesla previously used the Semi to transport its electric cars, so it might be a combination of work, tests, and general marketing ahead of the Cybertruck launch.

We say marketing because we know that many of the Tesla Cybertruck (camouflaged or not) videos and Tesla Semi videos went viral in the past. Tesla probably is aware of that and simply takes advantage of that to remain in the news.

Both the Tesla Semi and the Tesla Cybertruck have a big chance to revolutionize their segments, not only because of the electric drive but the overall concept, which is clearly different from Class 8 semi trucks and internal combustion engine pickups from the past.

We have to be patient and wait until at least 2024, maybe even 2025 - until high-volume production will begin - to see whether the Semi and Cybertruck will make a serious splash in the market.

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Sight Of The Day: Tesla Semi Hauling Tesla Cybertruck