Tesla Cybertruck spotted on the Las Vegas strip

September 29, 2023

Another pre-production version of the Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted, this time cruising down the Las Vegas strip.

On Saturday night, X user @curtismc08 shared footage of the pre-production Cybertruck sitting in traffic on the Las Vegas strip. The video was taken near the Bellagio Fountain, showing the Cybertruck as it drove south near the Paris Balloon Sign. The Cybertruck included the same release candidate decal and taped wiring harnesses seen on many of the electric pickup’s recent public sightings.

My first Tesla Cybertruck siting…on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s even more epic in person. Yes!!!! pic.twitter.com/gYZHsE9ROT

— Curtis M. (@curtismc08) September 10, 2023

Later in the thread, Curtis called the Cybertruck “way more impressive in person” than he had expected. Like many, Curtis has a reservation for the Cybertruck, with official orders on track to open up in the coming months.

Cybertruck sightings have increased drastically over the past few months, indicating that Tesla may finally be nearing some of its initial deliveries. The automaker appears to be in the final stages of pre-production, with some industry watchers reporting more than 100 Cybertrucks produced at Gigafactory Texas.

The vehicle being spotted across the U.S. also suggests that Tesla is performing some of its final testing of the Cybertruck.

In the last week alone, a pair of Tesla Cybertruck release candidates were seen driving side-by-side on the highway, while another was spotted charging at a Supercharger.

Yet another Cybertruck was seen towing what looked to be a 24-foot trailer last week, while other onlookers have managed to check out the unique electric truck’s interior.

Tesla Cybertruck towing goes on display in new sighting

Additionally, debates on the size of the Cybertruck frunk have been widespread, and many have eagerly awaited crash test information throughout this year. Footage of the Cybertruck after performing a ditch rollover crash test was also shared in a Tesla forum and shared on TikTok last week, with the vehicle appearing to be relatively intact as it sits on a trailer to be towed away.

Now, all that stands in the way of the Cybertruck’s release is a Certificate of Conformity and official crash testing from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Although Tesla has yet to release a price for the Cybertruck, it likely won’t be long before they do.

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Tesla Cybertruck spotted on the Las Vegas strip