Tesla proposes next Gigafactory location to local officials

June 7, 2023

Tesla has proposed building its next Gigafactory to local officials as it looks to dramatically ramp up production in the coming years.

With a goal of producing and selling 20 million EVs annually by 2030, Tesla has an enormous amount of growing to do and hence, a lot of construction to complete. Most recently, Tesla has announced its newest vehicle production facility will be built in Mexico, but its next location is still up for grabs. Hinting at a potential next destination, Reuters reports that Tesla has approached Indian state officials regarding the potential of opening a facility in the South Asian country.

Rumors of a potential meeting with Indian officials first surfaced yesterday ahead of the Tesla shareholder meeting. Now, a new report from Reuters has revealed the intention of the meeting. Tesla executives proposed building a production facility in India to serve both domestic and international markets.

Specifics regarding Tesla’s proposed production facility have not been made public. Still, with the intention of serving both international markets and the massive Indian market, the facility would easily rival Giga Shanghai in sheer output potential. A response from Indian officials has yet to be made public, though as noted by Reuters, the facility does align well with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goals of expanding India’s presence on the global manufacturing stage.

As noted in our previous coverage of India, with steep trade tariffs on vehicles, some of which reach as high as 100% of a vehicle’s value, the Indian government has essentially made it paramount for foreign automakers to establish domestic production facilities if they wish to enter to rapidly growing economy. Though it should be noted while these hurdles have incentivized a move toward domestic production in India, it has also limited interest from international automakers, including many of which who have been forced to leave India following market failures.

Tesla previously considered entering the Indian market as recently as 2019 but was forced to abandon the plans after being unable to lower the aforementioned trade tariffs. CEO Elon Musk has called these taxes some of the world’s highest and identified them as a primary hurdle for the market’s growth.

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Tesla proposes next Gigafactory location to local officials