Tesla’s newest software update shows it’s not resting on its laurels

June 3, 2023

Tesla has launched its 2023.12.9 software update for its vehicles worldwide, showing that it remains an innovation leader, even as an established company.

While Tesla continues to astonish its customers with the regularity of its software updates, perhaps more remarkable is its ability to continually innovate on its already industry-leading software experience. Such is the case with the automaker’s most recent update, 2023.12.9, which launched earlier this month, but has only recently released its list of changes, initially reported by NotATeslaApp.

The most recent Tesla software update comes with numerous changes, ranging in their effect on the driving experience, but five stand out as genuinely product-defining. Most notably, as Tesla continues to improve its excellent vehicle safety, its Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system has been updated to better detect perpendicular movement, which could help prevent t-bone collisions at intersections, among other situations. Moreover, AEB now operates up to 124mph, up from 90mph.

Further improving its autonomous offerings, particularly outside of the United States, Tesla’s Autopilot system has also received a sizable update, which adds traffic-aware cruise control, autosteer (beta), and navigate on Autopilot (beta). Tesla’s Speed Asist has also been improved, helping more accurately show drivers the speed limit within different areas, thanks to improvements in visual computing.

Tesla has also introduced further refinements to driver control, allowing drivers unparalleled control over their vehicles no matter the circumstance. Predominantly, Tesla’s “anonymous data collection” can be disabled, allowing for significantly improved privacy.

Further granting the driver control over their driving experience, Tesla has added toggles to air suspension settings available on the Model S and Model X. Specifically, drivers can elect for temporarily raised or lowered suspension settings to remain in place up to 35mph, and can even set suspension settings for specific locations.

The last major change comes to the Tesla Model S Plaid, which can now be equipped with the “Track Package,” making the vehicle more potent on track than ever. Most importantly, this update includes changes to track mode, which will allow the Model S Plaid to reach its 200mph top speed when the Track Package is equipped.

With the rest of the changes coming in the 2023.12.9 update being either cosmetic or improving the software usability generally, Tesla continues to make its infotainment offering industry-leading by a wide margin. In all likelihood, with a growing number of automakers investing in systems similar to Tesla’s offering, it will continue to be a selling point for the world’s top EV brand.

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Tesla’s newest software update shows it’s not resting on its laurels